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There are certain principles which are proven to help you gain an edge in life. To create wealth, and balance. Join Michael Cooper and your fellow MP Club members as we help you master your mind, and excel in your mental health, spiritual well being, relationships, finances, and profession. Become the highest performing version of yourself with our powerful mastermind alliance; the MP Club!


Mastering Mental Fortitude.

HPM takes a different approach to mental fortitude training.

We do not simply work through cause and effect; instead, we help individuals understand, control and mitigate the cause to begin with, nabbing problem behavior and attitude at its core. We set goals intellectually, achieving them through rigorous study and process.

HPM works with the intellectual, physical and emotional components of every individual. We believe fortitude to be the most important principle in the game of life, encompassing your spirituality, health, professional development, financial behavior and the relationships you have with others.

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Despite the fear and the bruises of life, one has to keep fighting for their dream. A life without something to fight for is a life without meaning. And rest assured my friend—no one ever accomplished anything with a simple wish.

It takes commitment, focus, implementation, mentorship, guidance, support, love, compassion, desire, and pure heart. And by filling out this form, you are about to take a big step forward toward genuine fulfillment in this life.

We applaud your initiative.

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